The Association is busy in ongoing research, collects old documents and pictures and publishes books and bulletins of interest for the Beaudet families.

Furthermore, the Association make available to its members, their families and friends, identification tools, collected information, promotional articles and different occasions to meet and fraternize.

The Association maintains close relations with Beaudet and Baudet of France, notably for future research and eventual genealogical identification links.

Finally, the Association welcomes all persons interested in the history and activities of the Beaudet families.



Founded in Lotbiniere in 1990, the Beaudet Family Association comprises direct descendants and spouses of our ancestors Jean Baudet and Marie Grandin.

A great majority of members live in the province of Quebec. There are also members in other Canadian provinces, in the United States and in France. Most of our members have the patronym Beaudet, Beaudette, Baudet, Bodette, Boudette, Du Cap, Ducap, Bodett, Burdett, Burdette. These variants were adopted or changed at different times during the past 300 years.

English speaking members are welcome. We have portions of our bulletins written in English. We welcome family stories.

We also have sympathisers like for example the former mayor of Blanzay and the mayor of Lotbiniere.