A name that unites us

COAT Red, draped with a sky-blue ribbon showing four silver fish and a  fleur de Lys . At the upper right hand corner, a sheaf of four golden wheat plants. At the lower left hand corner, a gold castle with red masonry.




  • The red, the gold and the castle relate to the coat of arms of Poitou region of France, the origin of our ancestor Jean Baudet.

  • The ribbon of azure blue reminds us of the Atlantic Ocean and the St-Lawrence River. The  Fleur de Lys  represents France and New France.

  • The fish (4) and the sheaf of wheat (4) represent our ancestors' four sons, Charles, Jean-Baptiste, Michel and Jacques who were all farmers and fishermen.

MOTTO Un nom qui nous unit :


A name that unites us . This motto was adopted at the annual general meeting of September 22nd, 2001.